Key Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout Regularly


Want to learn the secret to motivate yourself to workout, even if you don't particularly feel like it? If shedding those extra pounds was as easy as keeping a food diary on what you eat, it may be possible to take the same approach in order to help you stick to a regular exercise regimen as well.

According to the latest health research performed on the effects of dieting and exercise, people who keep a journal on what they're putting in their mouth tend to lose twice as many pounds compared to people who never write down what they're eating. However, while maintaining a food diary certainly makes you more accountable in terms of how you're taking care of your body overall, maintaining a fitness routine is a whole other 'ball of wax'. Professional fitness trainers recommend a few key tactics in order to help you stay on the right track and motivated to keep exercising. Finding inspiration to workout can be as easy as following just a few simple goals.

Shift Your Fitness Perspective

How you view yourself along with your fitness goals about getting fit can mean the difference between success and failure. In other words, start thinking of yourself as a strong athlete rather than a lazy couch potato. For some people, this may sound like a huge challenge. However, it's easier than you think.

  •   In fact, it's the very thoughts that you think about yourself that will ultimately shape who you are no matter what your goals.

If you can consciously make the decision to stop making excuses not to exercise, such as a busy career or taking care of your kids, you can start heading in the right direction. Young mothers with small children can be an inspiration to them as they grow if they see that exercising is just a regular healthy habit.

Also, it's best to do activities that you find pleasing rather than ones that are cumbersome or boring. Whether you love to bowl, bike ride, or golf, it will be much easier for you to exercise if you're doing things that you already enjoy. Take a look at our article best exercise strategy for weight loss for some more ideas on how to make exercise fun and exciting.

Some people find inspiration and motivation in others. For instance, even people in wheelchairs can exercise to some degree. Why not let them reinforce why you're so lucky to have the well-abled body that you have? Whether you want to inspire your children to get physically fit or just do it for yourself, committing yourself to a daily fitness regime starts with the thoughts that run through your mind.

Plan Ahead to Workout Regularly

  •   Most people dedicated to maintaining physical fitness generally perform their exercises early in the morning or sometimes late at night after the kids go to bed.

No matter what time of the day works best for you in terms of working out, try to slot in at least 30-60 minutes of physical activity each and every day.

Once you get in a solid routine of exercising every day and start to feel the benefits of doing so, you may find that you're almost addicted to the overall energy boost it provides you throughout the day. While it's easy to snooze in bed in the early morning hours, your body will thank you in countless ways if you take the initiative to set your alarm and just do it.

You'll soon discover that you have much more energy throughout the day and work more efficiently as well. It's crucial to create a schedule that's conducive to your lifestyle and stick with it. For instance, if you skip your early morning exercise routine and tell yourself that you'll fit it in once your kids take a nap or later on after you fix dinner for your husband, chances are your session will get put on the back burner and you'll never actually do it. If you have to, write your workout schedule down on the calendar so you can rearrange all the other aspects of your life around your exercise time just like it were an important appointment that you need to keep.

  •   Keeping your appointment - use an app or schedule a daily email notification to remind you to exercise.

Set Realistic Goals

By setting realistic fitness goals, you'll gain a clearer perspective as you continue to progress towards your end goals. Keep in mind that getting started is likely the hardest part and that the first few weeks or even months may be challenging in terms of getting into a routine. Want to run your very first 5K race as one of your fitness goals? You'll need to commit yourself to a doable exercise program that has the means to get you into shape by the time the day of the race rolls around. Setting smaller goals such as getting into last summer's bikini or your favorite pair of old jeans may be a big enough goal for you, at least for now. Whatever your goals, just be sure to define them, write them down, and revisit them at least once every day. Be sure your goals are realistic and that they're something you can actually achieve so you at least have a real chance of succeeding. If they're too far out of your reach, you're just setting yourself up to fail. If you have to, start with something as easy as walking around the block just once a day.

Have Fun and Change It Up

Humans, by their very nature, need constant variety and change in order to stay as motivated as possible. However, this is where the fun factor comes in. Most people will lose their motivation if they're not having fun. Whether you join a dance class, hike through the woods, or swim laps at your local country club, try to design your routine around various kinds of exercise. Be sure to include specific activities that you'll look forward to performing and really enjoy. Like to play tennis? Schedule as many tennis games as you like with your friends. When you get tired of tennis, simply switch to something else for awhile.

Health Benefits of Expending Energy

Performing physical activity on a regular basis is by far one of the best things you can potentially do for your overall health. It can help the following: