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21 Ways to Build a Strong Immune System and Healthy Body

Strengthening your immune system is essentially a matter of applying common sense. At the most basic level, it involves eating right, exercising regularly, sleeping well, managing stress, staying well hydrated and taking your vitamins every day.

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How Much Sugar Should You Be Consuming Per Day?

With studies showing that you should not consume more than 36 grams of sugar in a day for men and 25 grams a day for women, it's interesting to note that over 70% of the population consumes far more than the recommended amount. Learn how to identify how much added sugar is contained in typical food items and drinks as well as ways to replace them with healthy alternatives and reduce sugar cravings at the same time.

Calculating Metabolism And Weight Loss

Metabolism can be measured in a variety of ways, as can the amount of calories we eat, which can make losing weight somewhat simpler. In fact, the amount of calories that should be consumed can be very accurately predicted and applied to anyone’s weight loss strategy.

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Increasing Metabolism To Boost Weight Loss

One of the simplest ways to boost metabolism has nothing to do with restricting foods, but actually is more about adding good foods in to the diet! This goes against all the popular diet mantra which usually says that to lose weight, one needs to eat the least amount of foods possible.

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Why Good Health Has Everything To Do With Blood Sugar and Insulin

Much of today’s disease and bodily dysfunction are related to the blood sugar system. There has been a dramatic shift in the quality and types of food that are being eaten, which humans have never experienced before. The result is bodily damage that can be seen across all ages and cultures in the form of weight gain, heart disease, diabetes and more. Each of these common conditions are related to dysfunction in the body’s essential ability to control blood sugar and use insulin.

Can Holiday Celebrations Be Balanced With A Weight Loss Plan?

The holidays can be a frustrating time for anyone with weight loss goals. There’s always the obvious struggle between sticking to your diet and joining in calorie rich family celebrations. It’s unfortunate, but most holidays simply are not tailored to help a person make healthy choices, especially in the winter months where meals are extra comforting in spite of the colder weather.

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Every person has a relationship with how they think food fits into their life. Rarely do we ever just think of food as satisfying hunger. Eating behaviors can be very tied into our social and psychological outlooks. Personality, past experiences and relationships all affect how we choose which foods to eat and how much of those foods. These are some of the main factors, that when left untreated, may develop into a bad food relationship.

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Taking Control Of Insulin Levels

Insulin acts as a very important regulator for the body and several of its systems. It’s a hormone responsible for keeping blood sugar stable, but also has other important duties like making muscle and fat cells grow larger. Whenever food is being digested, insulin matches up with the amount of glucose, (sugar) that is entering the blood stream. As glucose comes in, insulin shuttles it to cells to be turned into energy. Certain foods can help or hinder this process