Knowing Calories and Where They Reside


Before the expansion of food availability and creation of processed items, knowing about calories was never important information. Most people had little chance of eating too many calories. However, now that food has been industrialized and calories are extremely cheap, many people can easily consume too many calories, even when eating a very healthy diet.

More Than The Body Needs

Calories are the tipping factor which directs the body to either grow or breakdown its cells. Obviously, when excess calories (even from good sources) are consumed it results in stored energy as body fat. When the body has a deficit of calories and is functioning properly, muscle mass and body fat are broken down for energy, resulting in decreased weight. Now there are many additional factors which make losing weight more complicated than simply calories in vs. calories out, but it’s true that most people today are in environments that promote eating much more calories than the body needs.

Excessive Calories Are Hidden In Everyday Foods

Calorie dense foods are often hidden in normal food and drinks, which is why it’s important to know about these. Some of the most common calorie packed items are restaurant meals, sugar-sweetened drinks, junk foods and dairy. Compared to natural foods, these processed items often have added oils, sweeteners or are simply in very large portions.

There are two very easy methods for preventing calorie overload.

Eliminate Processed Foods From Your Diet

  •   Switch to a diet with very little to zero processed foods and instead opt for fresh foods and foods in their natural states. You'll find that these foods are more filling and will boost your metabolism as well. Shop the perimeter of grocery stores and do not buy items in bags, boxes or packaging.

Track Your Calorie Intake

  •   Use a calorie tracker for a few days to illustrate how many calories you’re currently consuming and where those calories come from. Doing this will be instructional and will show you the most calorie dense foods that you normally eat.

Knowing what makes up your calories and what items to stay away from will create an essential skill that is needed for a successful weight loss plan.

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