Tricking Yourself Into Eating Healthier

Plate With Salad


So what spurs one type of person to eat healthier than another? Well there are many factors that can affect one’s food preferences and alter the foods that they’re choosing to eat. The first lesson to take from healthy eaters is to that you must find healthy foods you really like. People who eat a very healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables are not doing so because they’ve mastered the art of choking down lots of tasteless meals. A healthy diet depends on a vast knowledge of healthy foods prepared in desirable fashion.

There's actually a large wide variety of natural flavors in WHOLE foods that are often overlooked. All the foods listed below are supposed to taste sweet and have unique taste profiles.

Whole Foods That Taste Sweet

  •  Sweet Potatoes & Bell Peppers
  •  Carrots & Cauliflower
  •  Tomatoes, Beets & Radishes

Some people simply say they are not veggie eaters and this may be true to a certain extent. If this is you and if you've never experienced a delicious sensation from fruits and vegetables, here are a couple of suggestions.

    Farmers Market

  •   Go to a local farmer's market and get food directly from the freshest source. As those who grow a backyard garden notice, you surely notice a huge difference in the taste of foods when fresh and when conventionally grown vs. produce at large grocery stores.

  • Try New Foods And Old Meals In New Ways

  •   Be willing to branch out from the normal foods you’ve had in the past and try new ones. Prepare healthy foods like fruits and vegetables in new ways (steamed, baked, grilled, broiled, seasoned, marinated, etc.). It may take some time, but with enough experimentation you’ll find enough delicious varities to keep you satisfied.

One final strategy to develop healthy eating is to do some research and learn about what effects healthy / unhealthy food can have on the body, to get started take a look at why good health has everything to do with blood sugar and insulin and how to take control of insulin levels . This can get you active and interested in understanding health process. When you learn about foods rich in B vitamins (ex: spinach) that can help with daily energy, hopefully it will create some curiosity and spur you to try even more new foods out of interest. So learn everything you can, watch cooking shows, look through recipe pictures and immerse yourself in healthy lifestyle choices.

Part of this process also includes avoiding unhealthy foods for some time to re-balance taste buds (a process which can happen in a matter of only weeks). In a study looking at how sensitive people’s taste buds were at identifying fat content, it was found that those whose tongues were less sensitive tended to eat more unhealthy foods and be overweight (1). Thankfully, a person’s tongue can become much more sensitive to this fatty sensation in just a matter of weeks after eating a healthier diet (2).

Overall, have an interest in food and it will reward you. Those who eat healthy don’t just rely on motivation, they actively use these techniques to stay lean and you can too.


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